Tam taaaaam taaam ! To vfx or not to vfx ? So, my little boys and girls, why to vfx when you could have magical hands right next to you ? So…imagine if you could make this creature from a good man, imagine what you can do !


Off topic !

Hello my dear bastards ! What I’m gonna write here will really gonna surprize you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/family/relatives/dog/cat and your hamsters ! Ok, let’s begin ! In a previous post or in the description, I don’t remember very well I said that I’m 21 years old. What include that ? That include that, I was one of those very lucky persons who discovered X-Men, Iron Man and Spider-Man when he still was a child ! But here I wanna talk about X-Men ! Ok…so let’s begin ! In 80, 90 I don’t know how popular was the mutants term. I first heard about them in the X-Men series. But…the years passed and now you can actualy see them in real life. This isn’t a joke ! I mean it ! In my country ( Romania ) is a man who’s a generator ! What is he doing ? Well he is connecting him self at a power surce and he absorbe the current and he can play with it ! Now, a different thing. In another country is this lady who produce wire through her skin ! Those are just some several examples.

Now…today I heard again about Stan Lee, remember who Stan Lee is ? This guy invented Spider Man, X-Men and Iron Man in special. What he’s doing ? He travel the world to find super humans. And this is what I found, click on the link bellow :


Mutants clips !

The Exorcist


[sic] (Photo credit: Arbron)

Fan of horror movies or not fan of them ? Really doesn’t matter ! If you didn’t saw The Exorcist ! You’re like a little unshaved pussy ! I’m sure that you remember a lot of scenes from this movie, scenes like : ,,let Jessus fuck you, let Jessus fuck you, let him fuck you !” and more of them ! Scenes with the bed wich is like in the cartoons or scenes were the little girl vomit ! Or common, you don’t have to forgot ! That scarry scene when the little girl turns her head over  360 grades !

Ok, all of this you’ll found in this video :



Nebunia ( Insane ) – Short Movie !

Ok ok ok guys, in the previous post, I wrote that I apologise for not posting any more but I were caught into a production. My own production, my own movie ! The movie is ready and if you want to watch what I could made, click on the video bellow.

Attention : is 20 minutes long, if you’re not in the right mood please don’t watch :

Short notice !

My darling  followers I guess you wonder why I didn’t post for while ! Well, to tell you the short version of the story, recently I had 4 days of filming ! In a few days I will relase a short movie about 10-15 minutes ! This movie is a dream came true for me ! Now I am in the edit sesion ! Hope you will love it !

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were kids, we had this thing in mind : if you could be any superhero ! Who would you be ? Yes, I loved Spider-Man but…I was more for this destruction part, like : what could you make with fire ? Yes I would be Pyro from X-Men ! But how we must talk about Spider-Man, let’s talk…I don’t know if you all know but there are 5 Spider-Man movies, ( and you all gonna scream at me : no metal-head there are just 4 ! ) haha, no : the first spider movie is since 1977, and if you don’t belive me, just click over here ! Haha just joking, we don’t have time for porn  ! Click here !

Now I wanna show you something about the last Spider-Man ! About how the main character was made and the city too :

And how the Spider-Man suit was made :


Zet – Run Away

Hey guys ! I think that you agree with me when I’m saying that dubstep is a great thing and is more common in all songs in our days ! So…you know that I’m making  movies so I have a friend who’s passionate of dubstep ! Let’s hear something made by him together.

Let’s run away together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!